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"It is impossible not to have design. The alternative to good design is always bad design."


Our motivation

Web design cheap and good. Is that possible?

Successful companies not only attach importance to selling their products and services, but also their corporate vision, philosophy and values. Because clearly: before every good sale comes trust. But how do you create trust? Trust requires identity. The first face most people will see of you in this day and age is your web presence. That makes your appearance all the more important. But we know how difficult investments are because it is hard to estimate success beforehand. Especially for start-ups, a good website is essential and usually not financially viable. With us it is! We don't charge huge margins and prefer to satisfy a large number of customers! Due to the high volume of customers, we can offer a favourable web design and the customers come back!

What we can do?


Holistic for a small budget!

From us you get an affordable web design with all facets. From the creation of the domain and the hosting, to the implementation of the imprint and the privacy policy, to the indexing of the final web presence at Google and the final online launch. In addition to the technical implementation, our web designers write your factual texts, implement licence-free images or images licensed by us and also design all other visual content that your website requires. 

Visioloft customer support

- Landing page

- Website

- Homepage

- Online Shop

- Rental service

- Delivery service

- Much more

- Company logo

- Business card

- Flyer

- Menu card

- Presentation

- Much more

- Keyword analysis

- Keyword Placing

- Link building

- Meta's

- Google Snippet

- Aftercare

- one-time support

- Running Support

- Backend training

Why should we create your website?

Why do we offer affordable web design? We are very attractively priced compared to the competition and cost 30-50% less. Why? Because a business lives from its customers. We prefer to make 10 customers happy who come back afterwards instead of serving 5 customers who we never see again.

You can't provide any visual material or have a hard time with your texts? No problem. Creative writing is easy for us and we use licence-free images or images licensed by ourselves. Included in the offer price if desired. We simply think that this is part of the package.

No high additional costs for domains or SSL certificates. With our hosting partner, 5 domains and 5 certificates are included in the hosting. For only 1€ per month in the first year and 8€ thereafter. Unbeatable isn't it?

No high additional costs for domains or SSL certificates. With our hosting partner, 5 domains and 5 certificates are included in the hosting. For only 1€ per month in the first year and 8€ thereafter. Unbeatable isn't it?

Affordable web design and everything under one roof?. With us you get everything you need for your external presentation and for optimising your customer loyalty. We simply think that this is part of it.

We don't want to make you dependent on us. After each project, we instruct each client in the backend of their website so that they can maintain their website themselves in the future.

Visioloft web design

Affordable web design - Our mission.

A company's website is like an online business card, only much more distinctive and meaningful. Many companies still neglect their web design today because either costs are shied away from or the opinion prevails that an investment in the website does not pay off for one's own business activity. In view of today's digitalisation, however, it has never been so important to be present on the internet, no matter what business field you are in. The retail trade, for example, lives from its shop windows. A homepage is such a shop window, only in digital form and much more effective if used properly. However, many companies still believe that there is no such thing as a cheap web design and that you have to invest large sums of money for a meaningful internet presence. We make sure that your company is noticed on the web, looks good and stays within budget.

affordable web design
Visioloft Graphic Design

Fully comprehensive graphic design.

Not only affordable web design, but also affordable graphic design. Pictures say more than a thousand words. Visual content arouses the customer's interest, especially if you are attractive and placed in the right places. It is important that the visual presentation corresponds to the concept and philosophy of the company and the services offered, because the customer will immediately notice if this is not the case. A good graphic design signals a certain seriousness and authenticity, so that the customer feels in good hands and spends more time on the website than if the site consisted only of dry text. A good website is always a symbiosis of sufficient information and visual presentation.

Visioloft Graphic Design

Search engine optimisation?

Everyone knows the term "search engine optimisation", but many don't really know what it means or how to do this optimisation. To understand On Page SEO, you have to understand how Google works. As soon as someone enters a search term in Google, the search engine begins to search websites and their source code for the entered search term at the speed of light. In order to signal to Google in the best possible way that you are a relevant result for the search term entered, you must of course be able to present the relevant keywords on your website, and preferably in the right places. It is not enough to simply fill the website with keywords. Furthermore, you should make sure that all sub-pages of the website are optimally linked to each other so that the search algorithm can search the site for keywords in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. On Page SEO generally means doing everything to be found better by Google and to be suggested for the right search terms. This can be a tedious and long process, but the harvest afterwards is very valuable.

On page SEO
Web design

Customer support

Inexpensive web design despite good support. Generally, we instruct most of our customers free of charge in the backend of the website after we have realised the project. We want our customers to be able to manage their web presence independently and not be tied to our service in terms of time or money. For larger projects, we offer this training for a small and fair fee. However, many customers do not trust themselves to manage their website independently, even if it is only a simple matter. For this reason, we naturally offer support and a service for ongoing website maintenance.

Web design

Responsive design

Optimising the display on smartphones and tablets is essential for the user experience of your site visitors, especially in days of digitalization. Working with us means, that the adaptation of responsive design is included in all projects.

responsive design
responsive design
"Highly recommended. Works quickly and is very accommodating to his client's wishes. Also brings great ideas of his own. The most convincing thing: very attractive price!"
Viwa Plus
Online shop for food supplements
"Professional and absolutely customer-oriented. Can really put himself in the customer's shoes and thus implement everything to the customer's complete satisfaction. Quick and uncomplicated to deal with. Highly recommended!"
Carpet and upholstery cleaning service
"Fast and, above all, very well priced. Met our request and processed our order at very short notice, implementing additional wishes on the side. Simply top."
MM Storage technology
MM Storage technology
Assembly of storage systems

Our customers

Satisfied, serious and recurring

Most of our customers are particularly satisfied with the attractive pricing and the fast project development and handling. But also the fact that we offer a holistic service is very liked by our customers. For us, holistic means that we don't just do the design, but make sure that you can go online with a 100% complete product when we are done with our work. Based on this, we additionally book and install the hosting for your, define and register the appropriate domain, encrypt the website and take security precautions, connect the domain to Google Search Console and much more. After we have completed a project, nothing more needs to be done.

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